Mauro D'Agati

A Vacation Photo Album Of The Fabulous Las Vegas

Book Design by Julia Melzner, Mauro D’Agati, Janette Ahrens
Text editing by Rebecca Kanengiser of Yaysayers Editing, LLC, Jason Schauer
168 pages, 108 photographs
Full color throughout
6.5 x 8.9 in. / 16.5 x 22.5 cm
US$ 50.00
ISBN 978-0-9830181-0-0

Printed in Iceland
Publication date: April 2011

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With Less Vegas, Mauro D'Agati introduces us to his first American photo project.  In this book D'Agati explores Americana and American lifestyles with the same peculiar fascination and curiosity that is common to his work.  The vacation photo album for "Fabulous Las Vegas" was styled and photographed within a span of ten days in April of 2010.  It is a unique photographic journal that touches upon the stories and lives of twelve characters that Mauro D'Agati met while shooting in and around Las Vegas, Nevada.  These individuals stories are documented photographically and then summarized in short humor-filled texts at the end of the book.  Less Vegas is as much about the glamour and grit of the city, as it is about the people who fill its streets, alleys and boulevard Strip. 

Linda is an example of the type of character depicted by Mauro D'Agati in Less Vegas.  This is her story.  "Linda was married in Vegas’s own, "Little White Chapel" fourteen years ago.  She and her husband live in the Siegel Suites with a stray gray cat that they stumbled upon in the street.  Linda may be unemployed, but she “works” the slot machines like a CEO.  Siegel Suites is a semi-permanent residential rental for long-term Vegas visitors; its apartments are rented at weekly and monthly rates. Linda’s mother lives in a similar apartment at one of the many Siegel Suites locations threaded throughout Las Vegas.  The pair of women chat everyday be it on the phone or on their free internet connection.  Residents of Siegel Suites also receive free meals at the hotel restaurant in the Gold Spike Casino where Linda freely enjoys her free breakfast every morning amongst her prized slot machines, which sadly, aren’t free."

In his research for Less Vegas, Mauro D'Agati was most interested in focusing on the local residents of Las Vegas.  D'Agati wished to uncover a side of Vegas that most tourists wouldn't otherwise see, and through his exploration of its alleys and outskirts, Mauro D'Agati shows us a Las Vegas that most have seen only less of.


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